The Old Man and the Sea – The Expedition

 “The Old Man and the Sea – The Expedition” is an adventurous documentary about following in the footsteps of Hemingway and getting towed out to sea by a marlin, sitting in a ten feet long kayak.

It is also a film about the biology of billfish as well as it is highlighting the story of Ernest Hemingway as an angler. The film is now released worldwide on DVD and on I-pad

The Swede Martin Falklind was 14 years old when he first read Hemingway’s book, the Old Man and the Sea. Since that day, he has nurtured the dream of the little man in combat with a marlin, a fish larger than himself, larger than the boat.

Longing for a fishing adventure, Martin gets the idea to make a modern version of the Old man and the Sea. Martin persuades his two friends, Pasi and Fredrik, to come along in the search of a place where they can fish for marlin from a kayak. But this becomes a greater journey than they could imagine. Guided by the spirit of Santiago – the character in the novel The Old man and the Sea – the three guys discover the brutal facts about our depleted seas of today. They also realize the importance of never giving in.

This documentary became a great success on Swedish Television, SVT, last year. Now the American version is available on I-pad and on DVD.

Mustad a sponsor

Mustad is a proud sponsor of this project. All marlins were tagged and released in order for The Billfish Foundation and other organizations to continue their studies on marlin migration.  – Using the Mustad circle hooks makes the release much safer for the fish, since the hook always places itself in the corner of the mouth, says Martin Falklind.

Proceeds from the film will go to The Billfish Foundation.

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You can buy the film on DVD at Amazon and The Billfish Foundation web site.